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Featured Non-Subscription Desktop Apps

Before the billow era, Adobe acclimated to advertise its software with a ancient acquirement option. It would accommodate a authorization key that can be acclimated by users to actuate the software they bought. Today, bodies who appetite to use Adobe articles such as Photoshop, Lightroom, and Illustrator accept to be a paid subscriber back today Adobe alone accepts a subscription-based acquittal archetypal for its products. No ancient acquirement advantage is offered like it acclimated to be.

Adobe is aloof one example. Addition behemothic software aggregation — Microsoft — has additionally followed the aforementioned alteration by alms its articles with a subscription-based model. You can still buy Microsoft Appointment with a ancient acquirement option, but you will alone get archetypal appointment apps (Word, Excel, PowerPoint). Clashing Microsoft 365 which includes Outlook, Access, Publisher, and OneNote. Besides, Microsoft encourages users to use Microsoft 365 (formerly Appointment 365) instead of Microsoft Office.

Advantages and disadvantages of subscription-based apps

Flexibility is one of the better advantages offered by a subscription-based app. You can about use a distinct annual on apps installed on altered devices. For instance, you can use an Adobe Annual you accept subscribed to the Photography plan in Lightroom and Photoshop installed on altered accessories (Windows, Mac, Android, iOS). This is the adverse of a non-subscription app. Typically, a non-subscription app can alone be acclimated on the accessory area it is installed and activated although the case is not consistently that way.

In addition, a subscription-based app about additionally offers billow accumulator to acquiesce to admission your files from anywhere application altered devices.

However, not anybody absolutely needs or wants to save their files to the cloud. Or, they ability accept already subscribed to addition billow accumulator and don’t charge addition cloud storage. Some bodies are not objected to spending a beyond bulk of money upfront to use an app as continued as they want, rather than consistently spending monthly/yearly budget.

Featured non-subscription desktop apps

If you are the array of being who hates a subscription-based acquittal model, we accept calm some of the best non-subscription desktop apps you ability need. Actuality is the list.

1. WPS Office

Office apartment is one of the best capital apps for best computer users. Every computer user charge already accustomed with the name Microsoft Office. As mentioned easier, you can still get Microsoft Appointment with a ancient acquirement option. Alternatively, you can additionally use WPS Office.

WPS Appointment is a cross-platform appointment suite, accessible for Windows, Linux, and macOS. It is consists of the afterward apps:

  • Document editor
  • Spreadsheet editor
  • Presentation maker
  • PDF Converter

WPS Appointment has affinity with Microsoft Office. You can use it to accessible and adapt DOCX, XLSX, and PPTX files. WPS Appointment is a freemium app with the chargeless adaptation contains ads. To abolish the ads, you can use the paid adaptation of WPS Appointment at $119.99. The amount includes 1 GB billow storage. WPS Appointment is abnormally a abundant advantage if you charge an appointment apartment to assignment collaboratively with your teammates as it comes with a abundant collaboration feature, including WPS Meeting.

2. CaptureOne

If you are a able columnist or photography hobbyist and charge a Lightroom another to adapt your photos, CaptureOne is a abundant fit. You can use CaptureOne to adapt your RAW files behindhand of the camera cast you use as it supports about all RAW formats from accepted camera brands. CaptureOne comes with appearance like lens correction, blush adjustment, and added acclimation options to actual a photo. It has the adeptness to consign images into a advanced ambit of formats such as JPEG, PNG, DNG, PSD, and TIFF. Back exporting an image, you can additionally baddest a blush profile. CaptureOne supports sRGB, Adobe RGB, eciRGB v2, and CYMK.

CaptureOne offers two affairs options: subscription-based and ancient purchase. The ancient acquirement advantage of CaptureOne costs $299. CaptureOne itself is accessible for Windows and Mac.

3. eM Client

eM Applicant is a abundant desktop-based email client that you can use to admission emails. It supports a advanced ambit of accepted email casework such as Gmail, Beast Mail, and Outlook. In accession to email, you can additionally use eM Applicant to administer calendars, contacts, and tasks. In eM Client, you can instantly about-face an email into a assignment or a affair agenda. eM Applicant is abnormally a abundant email applicant for a business use although you can additionally use it for any purpose. eM Applicant itself is a freemium apparatus with the chargeless adaptation can alone be acclimated for claimed use. The exceptional adaptation of eM Applicant costs $29.95. eM Applicant is accessible for Windows and Mac.

4. Filmora9

Need a apparatus to actualize YouTube content? If yes, Filmora9 is a abundant fit. Filmora9 is a video alteration apparatus that has a actual easy-to-use user interface. It is a abundant apparatus if you are absolutely new to video editing. Some basal alteration — such as video cropping — is as accessible as alteration an angel in Photoshop. You can calmly add transitions, effects, and elements to your video with a distinct click. Filmora9 additionally comes with appearance like lens correction, blush alteration (exposure, brightness, saturation), white antithesis adjustment, ablaze alteration (highlight, shadow), and so on. It additionally has a congenital audio ambassador to adjust the audio volume, equalizer, achromatize in, and achromatize out.

Filmora9 is an ideal apparatus to actualize YouTube agreeable and amusing media content. It comes with 5 absence aspect arrangement options: 16:9 (YouTube), 1:1 (Instagram), 9: 16 (portrait), 4:3, and 21:9 (cinema). Filmora supports accepted video formats like MP4, AVI, MKV, and MOV. You can get Filmora9 with a ancient acquirement advantage at $ 69.99. Filmora9 is accessible for Windows and Mac.

5. CorelDRAW

CorelDRAW is a professional-grade clear architecture tool. You can use this apparatus to actualize any affectionate of architecture from illustrations, shapes, icons, arts, brochures, flyers, and so on. CorelDRAW is accessible for Windows and Mac with a ancient acquirement option. Afore affairs a CorelDRAW license, you can try it aboriginal for chargeless for 17 canicule during the balloon period. CorelDRAW has affinity with agnate tools, including Adobe Illustrator. It supports a advanced ambit of clear formats, including AI, SVG, PSD, EPS, TIFF, PNG, and JPG.

6. PDFElement

Need to adapt a PDF file? You can calculation on PDFElement if yes. PDFElements is a feature-rich PDF editor for Windows and Mac. It will catechumen a PDF book into an editable architecture to acquiesce you to adapt it. You can adapt a PDF book with PDFElement aloof like back you are alteration a certificate with a word processor. You can adapt an absolute argument or add new a new one. Back abacus a text, you can change the font, argument color, formating (underline, italic, bold), and so on. You can additionally admit new pages, add a form, and images, and so on.

PDFElement allows you to browse a cardboard into an editable PDF. It additionally supports OCR (Optical Appearance Recognition). Furthermore, PDFElement comes additionally allows you to comment a PDF book and catechumen a PDF book into Word, Excel, PowerPoint, image, and text. You can get PDFElement with a ancient acquirement advantage at $79.

The verdict

Subscription-based apps action flexibility, but some bodies appetite to own the app instead of renting it. Alike if they accept to absorb a beyond bulk of money. Back you use a subscription-based app, you hire it, not own it. A non-subscription app is a bigger advantage for the continued appellation as you alone charge to absorb your money once. What do you think?


  1. Featured non-subscription desktop apps
    WPS Office. Appointment apartment is one of the best capital apps for best computer users. …
    CaptureOne. If you are a able columnist or photography hobbyist and charge a Lightroom another to adapt your photos, CaptureOne is a abundant fit. …
    eM Client. …
    Filmora9. …
    CorelDRAW. …


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